New Art

Latest Painting

Yes it’s a sunset painting in the Autumn when the birds, in this case geese, fly South, and I know it’s June BUT – nope, don’t really have an explanation. This was inspired by a photo from a friend of mine taken in Sweden.

Sometimes painting a scene from Sweden is a little heart moment for me.

Title: “Across the Autumn Sky”. First time I’ve taken two titles from the same song, but the paintings are related and both were inspired by photos taken by the same person.

Misty Paintings

Inspired by misty photographs, trying out different things to get the different effects… two latest paintings. My theme of song lyrics is more obvious in the one I finished today. If you recognise the song, let me know!

“Mist the Hazy View” – acrylic on canvas (March 2019)
“Mists” – acrylic on art paper (February 2019)

New Artwork

It’s been a while. I’ve just updated the Art tab with the artwork I made in 2018. It was fun to get into using pastels, my usual preferred method is painting acrylic on canvas but it’s good to try new things.

Acrylic on paper, inspired by a scene in Sweden
Pastels on paper, inspired by a photo taken by a friend in Scotland
Brighton sunrise, acrylic on paper, inspired by a photo taken by a friend